PNG Birding Program # 3
2 nights Ambua Lodge
3 nights Karawari
2 nights Magic Mountain Nature Lodge
1 night Kumul Lodge
3 nights Walindi Resort
2 nights POM

14 Days/ 13 nights Birding Program

Day 1 - Arrive - Port Moresby - Meals- D
After your arrival you will check into your hotel, after which you will visit several close sites where you can acquaint ourselves with a variety species that may include, Fawn-breasted Bowerbird, Green Fig bird, Spotted Whistling-Duck, Wandering Whistling Ducks, Pacific Black Ducks, Dusky Moorhen, Comb-crested Jacanas, Nankeen Night-Heron, Whistling Kite, Orange-fronted and Orange-bellied Fruit-Doves, Fawn-breasted Bowerbird, Sacred Kingfisher, Rainbow Bee-eater, White-bellied Cuckoo-Shrike, the localised Black-backed Butcherbird, Grey-headed Manikins and if you are lucky there could be Papuan Frogmouths perched up on their day-time roost. Night Port Moresby- Laguna Hotel.

Days 2-3- Port Moresby to Tari- Ambua Lodge -Meals- BLD
After breakfast you will be transferred to Tari by PX flight where you will then drive to the world famous Huli wig man who is situated in the new established Hela Province at a height of 2100 metres. From the Ambua grounds to the Tari Gap you have the chance to see no less than 13 species of Bird-of-Paradise. We could soon encounter Short-tailed Paradigalla, Loria's Satinbird, Blue Bird-of-Paradise and Ribbon-tailed Astrapia. Further up King-of-Saxony Bird-of-Paradise can often be seen displaying, while many other spectacular species include Princess Stephanie's Astrapia, Crested Satinbird, Brown Sicklebill, the rare Black Sicklebill, Lawe's Parotia, Madarasz's, Painted and Brehm's Tiger-Parrots, Rufous-throated Bronze Cuckoo, White-breasted Fruit Dove, Dusky Lory, Plum-faced, Orange-billed, Papuan and Goldie's Lorikeets, Mountain Kingfisher, Mountain Swiftlet, Lesser Malampitta, Northern Logrunner, Island Thrush, Blue-capped Ifrita, Orange-crowned Fairy-Wren, Mountain Mouse-Warbler, Buff-faced and Papuan Scrub-Wrens, Dimorphic and Friendly Fantails, Black-breasted Boatbill, Garnet, Black-throated, White-winged and Blue-grey Robins, Regent, Rufous-naped and Sclater's Whistlers, the skulking Lesser Ground Robin, Black Pitohui, Wattled Ploughbill, Varied and Black Sitella, Crested, Tit and Mid-mountain Berrypecker, Olive Straightbill, Red-collared Myzomela, Marbled, Yellowish Streaked, Rufous-backed and Common Smoky honeyeaters, Belford's, Yellow-browed, Sooty and Ornate Melidectes, Papuan and Blue-faced Parrotfinches, Mountain Firetail, Hooded Mannikin, Torrent-Lark, Black Butcherbird, and Macgregor's and Archbold's Bowerbirds. This area is also home to the magnificent and secretive New Guinea Harpy Eagle, and with luck we may come across this truly spectacular raptor. Several evening excursions in search of night birds and wildlife could produce Mountain Nightjar, Papuan Boobook, Marbled and Papuan Frogmouth, or possibly a Mountain Owlet-Nightjar. This area is also home to the Huli wigmen' who are traditionally donned in headwear decorated with plumes from birds of paradise and parrots. It's hard to image that these painted warriors were totally isolated from the rest of the world until their discovery just two generations ago. We should feel honoured as even today they have had very little contact with foreigners. (2 Nights Ambua Lodge

Days 4-6- Tari/Karawari Lodge - Meals- BLD
This morning after some final birding you will leave this superb place and take a flight to Karawari Lodge. Flying over endless forest we eventually see the winding river below us and grassy airstrip of one of PNG's most remote and un-spoilt destinations. From here a short walk to the river bank will see you transferred to your wonderful lodge which sits astride a hilltop overlooking the swiftly flowing river. The dark timbers of the thatched lodge are covered with local artifacts from the village people living along PNG's main river, the mighty Sepik, and characters from the many tribes are carved into the support beams, dining table and bar stools. An ample balcony delivers grand views over a vast expanse of tropical jungle and distant mountain ranges, while scattered huts of grass and thatch and children gamboling on the riverbank are the only signs of human presence. You will be accommodated in separate cottages, each with hot water, en-suite bathrooms, ceiling fans and veranda. Most of your birding will be done by boat although the lodge grounds and surrounding forest and scrub can attract a good variety of birds. One of the highlights of staying here will be your early morning boat trip to see the amazing Twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise displaying from one of its favourite trees. Over the next two days we will travel around the river system and lakes using comfortable water-jet power boats. Most of the times you will be in silence except for the noises from the forest as you quietly drift with the currents in search of a wealth of special birds. Water birds abound and we will search for Great-billed Heron, Black Bittern, Little Pied Cormorant, Pacific Black Duck and Sacred Kingfisher. This is a heaven for Parrots and our search could reveal the huge Palm Cockatoo, Electus Parrot, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and Western Black-capped and Dusky Lory's. Amongst the pigeons are Zoe, Rufescent and Pinon Imperial Pigeons, but pride of place would have to go to the superb looking Victoria Crowned Pigeon if you can find one! Alighting on the bank beside a small village with very friendly native people we will take a short walk to the display area of the striking King Bird-of-Paradise. The forest here also holds Variable Pitohui, Golden Myna, Black-browed Triller, Lowland Peltops and a wealth of other bird species can be seen anywhere along the river complex or from the balcony of our lodge. Huge Blyth's Hornbills can fly past as well as Papuan Needletails, and we will keep a look out for Yellow-faced Mynas, Great Cuckoo-Dove, Red-capped Flowerpecker, Sacred Kingfisher, Shining Flycatcher, New Guinea Friarbird, Streak-headed Honeyeater, White-bellied Cuckoo-Shrike, Plain, Ornate and Tawny-breasted Honeyeaters, Mimic Meliphaga and if we are fortunate Gurney's Eagle, Jobi Manucode, or Marbled Frogmouth. (3 Nights Karawari Lodge)

Days 7-9 - Karawari to Magic Mountain Nature Lodge - Meals- BLD
Today we will take a short flight to Mount Hagen, the capital of the Papua New Guinea highlands and to Magic Mountain Nature Lodge where you will be based for the next 3 nights. After lunch birding will be at Rondon Ridge. The next day will be at Baiyer River and Nebliyer valley. We will also visit Kumul lodge for birds as we will spend one night at Kumul Lodge for birds that we do not see at Nebliyer, Magic Mountain, or Rondon.
Brown Sicklebill, Ribbon-tailed Astrapia, Brehm's Tiger-parrot, Belford's Melidectes, Rufous-naped Whistler, Regent Whistler, Crested Berrypecker, Smoky Honeyeater and with luck the bird table can host the stunning flame-coloured Crested Satinbird, Archbold's Bowerbird and sometimes quietly feeding underneath is the Chestnut Forest-Rail. For photographers this is a dream, and a difficult place to tear you away from. The surrounding gardens and forest trails will be searched for an array of species such as White-winged and Black-throated Robins, Orange-crowned Fairy-Wren, Island Thrush, Grey-streaked Honeyeater, Red-collared Myzomela, New Guinea White-Eye, Plum-faced Lorikeet, Mountain Mouse Warbler, Papuan Scrub Wren, Painted Tiger-Parrot, Rufescent Imperial Pigeon, Lesser Melampitta, Mountain Firetail and as the day draws to a close we have a chance of encountering Dusky Woodcocks as they shuffle out from their daytime hiding places to feed around the lodge. We will also look for Mountain Nightjars which can often be seen around the cabins and with luck we can spot the Mountain Owlet-Nightjar. Excursion s to slightly different habitats only short distances away will give us the chance for several new species including a display area for Lesser Bird-of-Paradise, also King-of-Saxony Bird-of-Paradise and the spectacular Blue Bird-of-Paradise. Lawes' Parotia can be very difficult but we will try and see this special bird while a host of other species could include Papuan Parrotfinch, Marbled Honeyeater, White-shouldered Fairy-Wren, Bronze Ground-Dove, the highly poisonous Blue-capped Ifrita, Blue-grey Robin, Spotted Jewel-Babbler, Tit Berrypecker, Garnet Robin, maybe Lesser Ground Robin, Yellow-breasted Bowerbird and with luck the strange Wattled Ploughbill or even Loria's Satinbird. ( 2 nights Magic Mountain Nature Loge& one night at Kumul Lodge

Day 10- Hagen / Port Moresby/Walindi _ Meals- BLD
This morning we transfer to Kagamuga airport (Mt. Hagen) Port Moresby and then connect with to Kimbe for 3 nights birding at Walindi Resort.

The Kimbe Bay area offers a challenging but rewarding opportunity to potentially see over 30 Bismarck Archipelago endemic bird species, with seven of those being confined to New Britain itself.
Walindi Resort has extensive experience in the birdwatching business, and offers the best location for exploring the north coast of New Britain and the Bismarck Sea with comfort. Access to sites can be limited due to customary land ownership, an underdeveloped public road system and extensive oil palm development in the lowlands. However, over the years, Walindi has built up relationships with the local communities and private companies, to gain access
to a variety of land-based sites and off shore islands. Walindi organises all entry permits and provides 4WD vehicles, boats, qualified drivers, and local bird watching guides to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Upon arrival at Walindi you will do Half Day bird watching Tour #1 - Lowland Forest Habitatsl. Approximately 30-45 minutes from Walindi there are a few lowland forest sites we visit that have a diverse bird community. The road passes through oil palm plantations before reaching the forest. These sites have tall mature trees and accessible walkways. These areas support populations of rare endemics and are well worth a visit. New Britain Buzzards are occasionally seen here, along with the Buff-faced Pygmy Parrots, fruit-doves, imperial pigeons and an array of parrots. (Half day trip - Some bush walking). Overnight at Walindi Resort.

Day 11- Walindi Resort Birding- Meals- BLD
After birding full day birding under Upland Forest Habitat
The Mount Gabuna Volcano trek offers innumerable bird watching opportunities.
The trek begins by going through food gardens and eventually lush pristine rainforest, which are a haven for birdlife. Along the path you may see the exquisite red-headed myzomelas, stocky imperial pigeons, Blyth's Hornbills and flocks of lorikeets. Dwarf Cassowaries have also been observed from this track. The trek takes you up to 600 meters above sea level and requires a good level of fitness. (Full day trip - Arduous hike uphill). Overnight at Walindi Resort

Day 12- Walindi Resort Birding at Walindi Resort
After breakfast you will do full day birding under Lowland Riverine Habitat -Little to no walking). This trip will take you through a variety of habitats including grassland, oil palm and river flats. Check for bitterns, ducks, and shorebirds, as well as the rainforest species. The road is all-weather and there are good views of river flats and rainforest from the bridge. The river site is an open gravel riverbank with views to the lowland rainforest on the opposite side. Pigeons, fruit-doves and parrots come here to roost in the later afternoon, and the occasional wood swallow has also been seen at this site. In the afternoon return and overnight at Walindi Resort.

Day 13- Walindi /POM
After early breakfast you will be transferred from the Resort to the airport for your PX flight Kimbe to POM. Upon arrival meet transfer to Variarata National for half day birding. Return for late lunch and rest of the day touring the city visiting interesting sites includes National Parliament house, National museum, Adventure Park and other interesting sites. Overnight at Laguna Hotel.
Day 14- Meals- B
After early breakfast transfer hotel to the airport for your departing flight to be nominated from your end.

-----------------------End of our arrangements -----------------------------------

COST INCLUDES = Accommodation on twin basis. Tours and Airport transfers in a seat on a bus basis.
Meals as specified on itinerary B = Breakfast L = Lunch D = Dinner, and add on traditional dances and gate fees, Local English speaking guides.10% VAT (government tax on all above services)

COST DOES NOT = International & Domestic airfares, items of personal nature such as baggage charge, passport & visa fees, laundry, dry cleaning, beverage of any kind, trip & baggage insurance, medical expenses and departure tax and any other items of this nature.

Additional required flights that we urge you to book/ticket in conjunction with international arrival/departing flight are;
Day 1- International arrival PX flight
Day 2 - PX flight to POM/Tari
Day 10- PX flight HGU/POM/Kimbe
Day 14 -PX international departing flight to be nominated from your end.

Additional domestic flight that we book and ticket which you pay us are;
Day 4- Tnair flight -Tari/Karawari
Day 7- Tnair flight Karawari /Hagen
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